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What should I expect from a logo design guarantee?

Don't get burnt by the small print. Read on to find out why not all logo design "guarantees" are created equal.

It seems that everywhere you turn a logo designer is guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. Unfortunately few of these guarantees are completely unconditional. In this article we dig into into the small print to help you understand what you are getting for your money.

Two logo design guarantees to avoid

1. The non-existent guarantee

A designer that doesn’t mention any guarantee is a professional you wouldn’t send your mother to.

Enough said.

2. The deliberately vague “satisfaction-guaranteed” guarantee

Even worse than the non-existent guarantee is the illusionary logo design guarantee. These are designers that flash “100% satisfaction guaranteed” around in big blinking letters but fail to back them up with genuine policy.

This is the classic case of the small print in the terms and conditions that substantially limits your rights. Typical surprises from this kind of designer are definitions like this:

What a professional logo design guarantee looks like

While there are a range of guarantees out there, a professional logo designer will be clear and upfront about their particular terms and conditions.

Before you put your money down you should establish where you stand on both refund and rework.

Refunds: A good quality signal

The best guarantees out there will refund your money under certain conditions. In a few cases there are designers who offer “unconditional money-back guarantees”. This is the gold standard of guarantees, and a sign of designers that have a lot of faith in their logo design.

That said, there is an exception to the rule here. An expensive high-end designer will invest a lot of time into your brand identity and logo design to deliver something highly unique and customized. They know what they are doing, and can trade off their reputation in marketplace rather than taking on risky money-back guarantees.

The most common refunds in the logo design industry are conditional. These conditions do vary a lot from designer to designer.

Some designers will allow refund up until an initial logo design concept is chosen for revision. Other designers will allow refund up until a certain number of revisions are done.

Conditions also generally differ in what constitutes “a refund”. Some designers refund 100% of the money paid. Some designers refund your payment less a fee, which tends to be in the range of $10 to $50 in the cases we’ve seen.

An increasing number of designers now charge a fee “to start” logo design and then charge the rest later on in the process. In these cases, it pays to check whether both payments are eligible for refund.

Rework: The next best option

For designers not offering refunds, there is typically a guarantee made in respect to the amount of rework the designer is willing to do.

The best rework guarantees provide an unlimited number of redraws until you are satisfied with the output. Next best would be an unlimited number of logo design revisions of your chosen concept.

After these, there are plenty of other shades of rework guarantee that look like “one more redraw if you are not satisfied” or “unlimited revisions until we consider the logo complete”. In such cases, the devil is in the details and only a complete read of the designer’s terms and conditions will clarify your rights. Do not, under any circumstances, rely on an animated banner proclaiming “100% satisfaction guaranteed”.

Don’t worry, your logo design in good hands

And now the good news. All designers on Logo Design Shopper are reputable companies we would have no hesitation in recommending.

We’ve gone through all our designers’ terms and conditions and summarised their guarantees in plain, easy to understand English.

Go ahead and take a look on our Logo Designers page.

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