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Essential logo design terms for the first-time buyer

Learn the essential terms you need to compare different logo designers in this one-minute crib sheet.

To compare different logo design providers, you need to know a few essential terms.

Here are the standard definitions we use on the site to help you understand the logo design packages being offered.

What is a logo concept?

A logo concept is a single proposal of how a custom logo could look. Each concept usually represents a designer's idea about the combination of fonts, colors, graphics and layout that delivers on your logo design brief.

A designer typically provides several initial concepts, from which you choose one to be developed further.

Initial concepts are often purposefully quite different from each other. This variation gives you a wide range of elements to choose from for use in the next design round.

Many logo design packages will specify how many initial concepts will be provided.

What is a logo revision?

A revision is a round of design adjustments to a selected concept.

Each round begins with your feedback to the designer on what you would like changed. The round might result in edits to any or all of the elements of the logo design.

Almost every custom logo design package allows for at least one revision round. A number of designers will offer "unlimited revisions". Designers sometimes claim to offer unlimited revisions as part of a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Generous guarantees like this often contain small-print that limits the conditions under which you can get a refund. Check out our article What should I expect from a logo design guarantee? to acquaint yourself with pitfalls and safety measures.

What is a logo redraw?

A redraw is a new concept provided after all initial concepts are rejected.

A designer providing a redraw will take another look at the logo design brief, consider the feedback on the rejected concepts, and then go about coming up with something new.

What is the real difference between a revision or a redraw?

Redraws are a lot more work for a designer.

Revisions only require development or tweaking of an existing logo concept A redraw, on the other hand, sends the designer back to the drawing board to dream up some new combination of elements.

This is why logo design packages usually specify whether they will do redraws and, if so, how many.

Packages on the market range from allowing no redraws to an unlimited number of redraws. An unlimited number of redraws commits a designer to keep developing concepts until you are satisfied. This kind of promise loads a lot of risk onto the designer, which is why packages with unlimited redraws are relatively rare (and usually more expensive).

On the other hand, a package with no redraws means you commit yourself to choosing one of the initial concepts provided. The risk, in this case, lies primarily with the logo design buyer.

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