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There are many people online who sell business logos. All of them offer basically the same thing: For X amount of $, you get X number of concept business logos to choose from and X number of revisions to your chosen logo. Usually this is in the range of 5 concept designs and 5 revisions. At Biz-Logo.com, our cheapest package comes with 15 concept designs and unlimited revisions... that's more than most design firms offer with their most expensive package. Yet our prices are the same or lower than theirs.

So, what's the catch?

Glad you asked.

Most of our customers will own more than one business in their lifetime and most have friends who also own businesses. Almost 40% of the business logos we sell are sold to returning customers or people who were referred to us by happy customers. For us, happy customers = more sales. A lot more. So the catch is, we treat you like gold because we want to be sure that you (and your friends) head straight back here to Biz-Logo.com the next time you need design work done.

We have been designing business logos since 1997. By this time we are confident enough in our abilities that we are prepared to take a risk on you... low prices mean less money initially, and our investment is only returned if you are so impressed with us that you never use another design firm again! Give us a try. With our unconditional money-back guarantee there's just no way that you can lose.


Pre-Designed Logos - from $95
  • 1000+ pre-designed logos to choose from
  • Unlimited revisions, colors and formats
  • Every pre-designed logos is for your exclusive use
  • Free lifetime logo support

Silver Package (Custom Logo Design) - $299
  • 15 unique concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • LDS exclusive offer!
    Logo Design Shopper visitors get 5 extra concepts free! (details)

Gold Package (Custom Logo Design) - $399
  • 30 unique concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • LDS exclusive offer!
    Logo Design Shopper visitors get 5 extra concepts free! (details)

Platinum Package (Custom Logo Design) - $899
  • Unlimited unique concepts
  • Unlimited revisions



100% unconditional refund available up until you decide your logo is complete or within 30 days of ordering, whichever is earlier.


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Five star service - 8/10

By David, Business Change Jobs (London, UK)


I'm really glad I spent a little bit extra to get my custom logo from these guys. Originally I was going to go to one of the cheaper logo designers, but in the end I really needed this logo to come out well, so I thought I would take a punt on Biz-Logo.com.

Andre and his team were a pleasure to deal with. They were communicative in explaining the process and providing recommendations and flexible in accommodating changes and new ideas. Creatively, the work was solid, and we're very happy with the result.

Sending money across the internet to a company you haven't met always makes me nervous, and I'm happy to say that Andre and the rest of his team are people you can trust to do a good job for you.

Highly recommended.

Excellent Company - 10/10

By John C. Edwards, Skyfrog, Inc. (Cocoa Beach, FL, USA)

I searched various low cost and high cost logo designers. Many offered very few revisions for the money. In addition, I wasn't very impressed with their logo designs. However, Biz-Logo offered a good number of revisions plus they had an interesting flair to their sample logo designs. Perhaps due to their location.

After much research, I decided to use Biz-Logo, and I am very happy with the results.

Nathan and his team went well beyond what I expected. The innovative ideas made reviewing proposed logos a delight. Plus, we made numerous minor revisions.

The final product was truly a work of art. (I would not have been able to do anything as creative as the final design)

Absolutely outstanding!!!

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