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Freelancer.com is a marketplace for finding freelancers from around the world.

With half a million registered users, all sorts of services are bought and sold: from design to coding, and copywriting to marketing.

Finding a logo designer on Freelancer.com

You register for an account as a Service Buyer and add your logo design project. Service Providers will bid on your project, stating their price and usually also expected timeframes, plus any portfolio they might have.

Freelancer.com makes it easy to see what work each freelancer has already done. You can also read ratings and reviewed from their previous customers which gives you confidence about what you are going to get for your money.

Once you have found a designer you want to work with, you confirm the project, designer, agreed fee, and payment schedule on the Freelancer.com site. You might agree to pay the designer on delivery of the final logo artwork, or you might pay some part of the fee in advance and the rest on delivery. Or you might pay using Freelancer.com's escrow service (see the section about escrow below).

Once the work starts, you communicate with the provider however you like - email, instant messaging, phone - until the work is done.

What is escrow?

Escrow is a popular way of using a third party to hold the project fee on your behalf while the service provider completes the agreed work. As the provider completes work, you can authorise payments to be made from the escrow account to the provider, until the provider has been paid in full.

Escrow protects service providers from unscrupulous buyers who disappear before paying for the work that was done. At the same time you still keep full control over when and where payments are made. Additionally, when you pay through escrow, you also get access to arbitration services in case any dispute arises between you and your service provider.

Freelancer.com statistics:
(from February 2004 to March 2008)

  • Number of posted projects: 230,929
  • Number of verified users: 489,684
  • Money spent by our users: $18,471,000


Freelancer.com is a freelancer marketplace, so logo packages will vary a lot depending on the designer.

Prices for logos seem to start as low as $25. While there is no upper limit on what someone could bid to do your logo, you're unlikely to get quotes over $500 on Freelancer.com (unless you specify that as your budget, of course!).

If you are thinking of trying Freelancer.com and the wonderful world of outsourcing, you might want to read up on some of the advice in our article "Logo Design for under $100".


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The guarantee will depend on the designer and what you can negotiate. It's unlikely to see money-back guarantees with freelancers, but you might be able to agree on an unlimited number of revision rounds. If you're really lucky you might even agree on unlimited redraws (what's the difference? check our article on essential logo definitions).


No-one has reviewed Freelancer.com yet, why not be the first?

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