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1. Choose the image for your logo

LogoMaker has over 10,000 unique icons. Find the right image for you by using a keyword search or browsing the icon categories available.

2. Design your logo

Once you have your image, you can customize your logo in LogoMaker's unique logo builder. Almost anything can be edited, including the font, angle, size, color, layout and other features of the icon.

3. Save your logo and try it on your own website for free

After you are satisfied with your logo you can save it and get some free free HTML code that you can use to test your new logo on your website. There are no costs or limits on how long you can test your logo on your site.

4. Purchase your logo for $49

Once you have purchased your logo, it becomes yours to legally use as you like in building your business image. As soon as you make your payment you can immediately download your new logo in all major file formats, including JPGs and TIFFs.

5. LogoMaker Bonus: Get your logo into print

With LogoMaker you can save yourself a visit to your local print shop. As soon as you've bought your logo you can begin building your brand by customizing your logo on business cards, stationery, shirts and more.


Do-It-Yourself logo - $49
  • Design your logo for free
  • Test your logo on your site for free
  • Pay $49 to download your logo in EPS, JPG and GIF formats



You design your logo yourself, and only pay when you are satisfied, so no guarantee is relevant.


No-one has reviewed LogoMaker yet, why not be the first?

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Check out www.logomaker.com.

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